About Us

The CRAFT Network is a 4-year  research coordination network with a national and local focus on justice-oriented research-practice partnerships in making.  Building on long-standing commitments to communities underrepresented in STEM, CRAFT seeks to magnetize critical equity initiatives in STEM education. We are a nationally-distributed, mission-driven, collective committed to honoring making cultures and practices as critical and pluralistic—acknowledging, honoring, and building on community practices.

CRAFT is in the “seeding” stage of network development. To learn more about what we’ve been doing to establish a relational foundation for this work, check out our 3-minute NSF STEM for All Video Showcase highlighting our work thus far.

The CRAFT Network will facilitate the understanding and documentation of several key questions at the heart of making and equity, including:
  • How making and equity are defined in and across the multitude of related research projects
  • The extent, in kind and degree, to which longstanding making cultures of underrepresented groups are integrated into research projects, methodologies for conducting research with communities,
  • The nature of mobilities and barriers to mobilities in the translation and transference of knowledge/expertise across learning sites,
  • How information about making and equity research is disseminated, and
  • Where the gaps and uncharted territory of research on making and equity practices currently exist.

CRAFT aims to catalyze large-scale impact by creating network activities and, fundamentally, and network structure that brings together key stakeholders for ideation, dialogue, mobilization. We aim to pool our collective power toward social transformation. CRAFT will also push the field of STEM education forward by pursuing nationally-coordinated research questions related to the findings from the survey of the current state of the field. We are developing network activities that will facilitate and encourage cross-pollination amongst network members.

Share findings, pursue common research questions, engage culturally responsive methodologies in collaboration, and pursue relationships between structural components of learning spaces and equitable learning opportunities.

Meet the Team

Maria C. Olivares

Boston University

Principal Investigator

Eli Tucker-Raymond

Boston University

Co-Principal Investigator

Jill Castek

University of Arizona

Co-Principal Investigator

Edna Tan

University of North Carolina Greensboro

Co-Principal Investigator

Cynthia Graville

University of Saint Louis

Co-Principal Investigator

Em Bowen

University of Arizona

Graduate Research Assistant

Wen Wen

University of Arizona

Graduate Research Assistant

Veronica Oguilve

University of Arizona

Graduate Research Assistant

Amanda Bermudez

University of Arizona

Graduate Research Assistant

Yousra Abourehab

University of Arizona

Graduate Research Assistant

Steering Committee

CRAFT’s 14-member steering committee consists of prominent practitioners, educators and researchers from community organizations, universities and science centers who consider racial equity to be at the core of their work. The steering committee includes representation along dimensions of geography, institution, race, ethnicity, culture, and gender.

Steering Committee Kick-Off Meeting

Spring ’21

Angela Booker

University of California at San Diego

Leah Buechley

University of New Mexico

Angela Calabrese Barton

University of Michigan

Dionne Champion

University of Florida

Nikole Collins-Puri

Techbridge Girls

Kayla DesPortes

New York University

Richard Duran

University of California at Santa Barbara

Brian Gravel

Tufts University

Paula Hooper

Northwestern University

Clarisa James

DIVAS for Social Justice

Susan Klimczak

South End Technology Center, Boston, MA

Clifford Lee

Mills College and YR Media

Amon Millner

Olin College of Engineering

Christopher Wright

Drexel University.

We’re building out this website to function as a hub for network interaction and resource sharing, so…

Stay tuned!

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